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July 31st, 2010

tp_kinkmod @ 01:49 am: Kink Meme Opening
 Please come and join us at tp_kinkmod for a new Tamora Pierce centered kink meme. All pairings, gen, porn, fluff is welcome! All artists, authors, vidders, fanmixers are welcome to join and participate. 

June 15th, 2010

thegraduate09 @ 03:58 pm: Title: Strawberries
Author: thegraduate09
Word Count: 78
Fandom: Circle of Magic & Sequels.
Pairing: I could tell you, but I think it'll be better if I don't.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She'd honestly not seen this coming.
Author's Note: A drabble, set in summertime. Mentions of femmeslash, if that bothers you, don't read.

(Read more.)

March 17th, 2007

trascendenza @ 06:26 pm: Song of Lioness: One-Shots
Title: Bored
Word count: 250
Rating: R.
Disclaimer: Tamora Pierce owns them, I just play.
Characters/Pairing: Delia of Eldorne/Princess Josiane of the Copper Isles
Genres/Plot summary: PWPish. Delia and Josiane get into an argument in Roger’s office.


Title: New Soil
Word count: 200
Rating/Warnings: G, none.
Characters/Pairing: Thayet jian Wilima/Buriram Tourakam.
Genres/Plot summary: Fluff. Thayet and Buri are acutely aware of how far from home they are.

New Soil

July 21st, 2006

themis @ 01:04 am: 2 fics
I know this community is dead, but if any of you have a craving for TP femslash, I have two offerings:

Glass Houses. Emelan. PG-13 (slight bloodplay, if you look at it that way). Sometimes Discipline Cottage holds two very different birds.

History. Tortall. PG-13. (This is actually male/female/female but not...not so any of them actually get any action or anything. They should be so lucky.) Shinko wants to know more about her adopted kingdom.

These are both responses to the SFF Challenge at the Dancing Dove, which is always good for making you think about pairings you wouldn't have otherwise thought of. Okay. I'm done now.

February 20th, 2006

lea_hazel @ 07:50 pm: Miscelanious Femmeslash Drabbles
Author's Notes: Written for various pairings at pierce_pad. Cross-posted to lamda_fic.

Title: Hysterics.
Pairing: Sarai/Shinko.
Rating: PG.
Words: 378.
Warnings: Infidelity, character death.

HystericsCollapse )

Title: Lost.
Pairing: Kel/Kally.
Rating: PG.
Words: 100.

LostCollapse )

Title: Between Four Walls.
Pairing: Alanna/Delia.
Rating: PG-13.
Words: 100.
Warnings: Language, sexual references.

Between Four WallsCollapse )

Title: Delusional.
Pairing: Alanna/Delia.
Rating: PG.
Words: 100.

DelusionalCollapse )

Title: Birthday Wishes.
Pairing: Daine/Dove, Dove/Taybur.
Rating: R.
Words: 400.
Warnings: Infidelity, language, sexual references.

Birthday WishesCollapse )

Title: Cooking.
Pairing: Tris/Rosethorn, Lark/Rosethorn.
Rating: PG-13.
Words: 100.
Warnings: Sexual references, references to kink.

CookingCollapse )

Title: The Love of Learning.
Pairing: Aly/Thayet.
Rating: R.
Words: 100.
Warnings: Sexual references, infidelity, BDSM, emotional incest.

The Love of LearningCollapse )

Title: Old Friend.
Pairing: Daja/Polyam.
Rating: PG.
Words: 100.

Old FriendCollapse )

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July 31st, 2005

lea_hazel @ 08:46 pm: A Pairing a Day
I'm not sure if plugging is allowed in this community, but I'll give it a shot. If it's against the rules, feel free to delete this post.

At pierce_pad a Tamora Pierce verse pairing will be posted once a day, (hopefully) for your inspiration. We haven't had much fic response, yet, but the pairings are still open, and will remain so permanently. We post both Tortall and Emelan, het, slash and femmeslash. We even tag the pairing posts for your convenience.

Have a look.

February 9th, 2005

lea_hazel @ 04:39 am: "Like Strangers", Pierce-fic
Title: Like Strangers.
Author: lea_hazel.
Fandom: Tamora Pierce/ambiguous.
Genre: Romance/Angst.
Rating: PG.
Summary: She should have known to begin with, but she didn't. Some mistakes are hard to resist.
Author's Notes: Written late at night and un-beta-ed. The pairing is ambiguous. I had a few different thoughts running through my brain as I wrote it, but no single one dominated so I left it open to interpretation.
Like StrangersCollapse )

X-posted lea_hazel, tortall_femfic.

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January 12th, 2005

kitty_ryan @ 11:50 pm: Here and obeying blackbird's 'community service announcement'
Title:On the Floor of a Stage in Bihan
R (ish)
Only that Kitty is rather bad at writing anything that boarders on smut, so this is kind of..er...tamer than in my head
Author's Notes: just-written, un-betaed, part of the Dancing Dove's gift fic exchange.

Read more...Collapse )

October 14th, 2004

schiarire @ 11:57 pm: Introductions. Hmmm. No, no, I'm scared of those. Have some drabbles instead!

PAIRING: Delia/Cythera
WARNINGS: Well, there is naked, but it is all very tasteful, really.
FOR: ashen_key

Drabble Numero Uno.Collapse )

PAIRING: Delia/Josiane
WARNINGS: . . . none?
FOR: ashen_key. Again!

Drabble Numero um um um Two-O?Collapse )

October 15th, 2004

ashen_key @ 04:38 pm: This community seems slightly dead, but I found it and I'm not letting go. The drabble below doesn't concentrate on the femslash so much as compare it with Delia's male affairs, but it's the best thing I can offer.

TITLE: Wine and Honey
PAIRING/S: Delia/Cythera, Delia/Josiane, and the canonical and canon-implied male pairings
WORDS: 246
SUMMERY: Men are like wine...women are like honey.

Wine and HoneyCollapse )

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