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August 1st, 2004

themis @ 05:14 pm: FIC post (not a challenge response, sorry)
Title: Take a Turn
Author: themis (me! :D)
Rating: PG(-13)
Pairings: Delia/Josiane (also Josiane/Alex, Josiane/Jon)
A/N: It’s ridiculous, the amount of time it took me to finish this damn fic. Thanks to seori and riverflame for their lovely job betaing.
Disclaimer: The world and characters used in this fanfiction are property of Tamora Pierce. Alas, alas.

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July 24th, 2004

riverflame @ 10:43 pm: Like the Stars at Dusk
Title: Like the Stars at Dusk
Pairing: Kara/Kourrem
Rating: PG
Summary: "I wish I had your courage."
Author's Notes: written for the Minor Character Challenge. I'm happy with the beginning, but not so much the end. feedback is adored :)

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June 25th, 2004

themis @ 09:03 pm: *coughs*

Anyone interested in betaing a DeliaxJosiane (JosianexAlex, JosianexJon...I think she sleeps with everybody in this one, actually) fic? It's a PG-13 rating, about 1600 words (I think).

Comment here, e-mail me at evenstar2001@yahoo.com, or IM me (AOL: JsmnTgr1) if you're interested. If you're paranoid, you can do all three. ^_^

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ex_theatrica309 @ 08:41 pm: FIC: My Princess (Buri/Thayet, PG)
Title: My Princess
Pairing: Buri/Thayet
Rating: PG
Summary: Jonathan has just proposed to Thayet, and Buri is jealous. Wherever we've gone, we two, whatever has happened to us over the years, she has always been mine.
Author's Notes: I started writing this awhile ago, but got bogged down with finals and ficathon deadlines and whatnot. So, here it is, finally finished. (Written for tortall_femfic challenge #1)

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May 16th, 2004

ex_theatrica309 @ 11:50 am: Challenge #1
Minor Character Challenge

--Your fic must center around a pairing of two minor characters--that is, not Alanna, Daine, Kel, or Aly. (The aforementioned four may be involved in the story, but the focus should not be on them.)

--Fics should be no more than 4000 words, but can be much shorter--drabble-length is acceptable.

--Fics must be carry a rating of PG to R.

--The fic must include the words icy, griffin, and soft.

*promises to be more active & not neglect the community*

ETA: If anyone has any ideas for additional challenges, feel free to post them!

uknosila @ 12:50 pm: Because of the lack of fic...
Has anyone thought about any challenges? Fics you'd like written but don't want to write yourself? Because I'd like to write some Tortall femslash, but have absolutely no ideas. And maybe everyone else will get inspired as well.

Sorry if this is against the rules, by the way. I just thought that somebody needed to post something.

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